No matter how old your home is, having the exterior cleaned by a professional is extremely important. From preventing further damage to your property over time to adding to your curb appeal, professional soft washing is an essential part of home maintenance. If you are noticing your home is starting to suffer from buildup or stains, here’s what you need to know about exterior cleaning: 

The Benefits of Exterior Cleaning

One of the most important benefits of exterior cleaning is that it keeps your home protected. Over time, dirt and debris begin to collect on the outside of your home. This can lead to moss growth and ultimately invite potential damage to your home. House washing can keep buildup from damaging your property and protect your home investment. 

Additionally, having your home professionally washed keeps your property looking great. Whether you are trying to sell your property and want to increase its value or simply want a great looking property, regular cleaning is a must. 

The Difference in Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

Soft washing is not the same as pressure washing and the exterior of your home will determine the type of cleaning you need. If you need your roof or vinyl exterior cleaned, soft washing is highly recommended. Unlike pressure washing that uses very high-pressure water to blast off debris, soft washing is a gentle process that gets your home clean without risking additional damage. 

Why Use a Professional Service

Soft wash machines, soaps, detergents, and other chemicals can be expensive to purchase yourself. A professional service has all of the tools and equipment to take care of your home cleaning, whether it is your siding, roof, or even patio without the added risk that DIY projects can create. Professionals also come with expertise and experience to know what to look for when cleaning to let homeowners know about potential repairs and preventative maintenance to save you money in the long run. 

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