One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is keeping your roof clean and free from debris. Over time, buildup on your roof can lead to a lot of damage and extremely expensive repairs if left unchecked. But cleaning your roof can be dangerous and done incorrectly can do more harm than good. Here’s what you need to know about roof cleaning, soft washing, and the difference a professional can make. 

Why Have Your Roof Cleaned? 

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Throughout the year, it protects your property from weather and rain damage. Over time, however, your roof will start to see wear and tear which can put your property at risk for serious problems. Dirt and moss buildup, for example, can damage shingle roofs and put the actual roof itself in danger of rot. Having your roof cleaned makes sure your roof stays dry and roofing lasts as long as possible. 

Why Use Soft Washing? 

There are a few methods to clean your roof, but soft washing is the most effective. Soft washing involves gentle pressure and biodegradable detergents that eliminate any debris buildup on your roof and help prevent things like moss and lichen from growing back. Because the pressure remains low, soft washing can get your roof clean without doing any additional damage to your roof (which may be the case with high-pressure washing). 

Hire A Professional

Using a professional roof cleaning company is highly recommended for your property. DIY cleaning is not only expensive because you have to purchase or rent the proper equipment, it can be dangerous as well. Roof cleaning needs to be done from the roof itself, not just from a ladder, which presents a very real risk of injury from falling. Instead of putting your roof (or yourself) at risk, hire a professional to get your roof cleaned quickly, properly, and affordably. 

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