No matter what type of home exterior you have, getting it cleaned by a professional should be done a few times per year. Whether you have a brick home, a log cabin, or vinyl exterior, trying to clean your home’s exterior yourself can present a lot of problems, and even lead to extremely expensive repair costs. Here’s what you need to know about exterior home cleaning and why you should choose a professional: 

The Type of Exterior Matters

Not all exterior cleaning is the same. The techniques that you would need on a brick house are very different from what you would use on vinyl siding. Brick homes, for example, are best served with a high-pressure wash. That same technique can damage vinyl siding and lead to extremely expensive repair costs. For vinyl, low-pressure washing, known as a soft wash, is typically used. 

DIY Cleaning May Not Get The Job Done

Not only do you risk damaging your home when you clean the exterior with the wrong technique, in many cases DIY cleaning doesn’t actually get the home clean. Many homeowners try to clean their property’s exterior with harsh chemicals and elbow grease. While the effort may be there, the results don’t always follow. Professional cleaning companies have specialized equipment and environmentally friendly detergents that get the job done correctly without risking your exterior. 

Professional Cleaning Is Fast and Affordable

What may take you days to complete will only take a professional home exterior cleaner a matter of hours. Because they have tools, personnel, and expertise, professionals can clean houses of any size in no time. Add that to the fact that professional home cleanings are not much more expensive than trying to rent all the tools yourself, and it is a no brainer: if your home is in need of cleaning, the first call you need to make is to a professional. 

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