Shingle roofing does a lot more than provide a great look to your home. Shingles are designed to keep water from entering your home or damaging the actual structure of your property. Left unmaintained, shingle roofs can start to accumulate buildup from dirt, moss, and algae that can leave your roof exposed to the elements. For proper home maintenance, it is important to have your roof cleaned by a professional regularly. Here’s why you should use a pro instead of trying to do it yourself: 

DIY Roof Cleaning Is Dangerous

There is no easy way to clean a roof from the ground. To truly clean your shingle roof, you have to climb on top of your home and manually clean the entire thing. Ladders themselves are dangerous and result in thousands of injuries in the United States every year. Walking up and down a roof that may be full of slick buildup adds even greater risk. Don’t put yourself at risk and let the professional handle it. 

DIY Roof Cleaning Can Damage Your Home

Roof shingles are not designed to have extremely high pressure, which is a mistake many DIY homeowners make. Instead of using high-pressure cleaning, professional companies use a technique called soft washing. This gentle process gets rid of all the debris from your shingle roof without doing any damage. 

Professionals Offer More Than Just Cleaning

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home—it is highly responsible for preventing water damage. When you use a roof cleaning company, you have a trained professional that not only gets your roof clean but checks for any signs of damage as well. If any damage is found, you have time to take care of any maintenance before something small turns into a huge repair bill. In just a few hours, a pro roof cleaner will have your home looking great and inspected for potential damage. 

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