Solar panels are quickly becoming one of the most asked for features on a property. Solar panels allow homeowners to generate their own power and can lower—and in many cases eliminate—electrical bills. But solar panels can’t simply be left alone throughout the year. Just like other parts of your home, solar panels require regular cleanings and routine maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about solar panel cleaning

Do Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned? 

To maintain the best output, solar panels need to be cleaned. To generate power, solar panels absorb sunlight. If the panels are obscured by dust or dirt buildup, this can lower the efficiency and cause your solar panels to stop working the way they should. Other types of buildup, such as moss and other vegetation, can cause solar panels to stop generating power altogether. 

How Do You Clean Solar Panels? 

Solar panels need to be cleaned in a way that does not damage the panels themselves. What may work for your brick patio is probably not going to work for your solar panels. Solar panels are typically cleaned gently with soft washing and manual brushing to make sure they are free from any buildup without risking any damage to the solar panels. 

Always Have a Professional Clean Your Solar Panels

Regular professional cleaning for your solar panels is highly recommended. Using DIY chemicals can seriously damage (or even destroy) your solar panels and the labor-intensive process of cleaning them yourself can be dangerous and time-consuming. Using a professional solar panel cleaning company guarantees your panels are completely clean and eliminate the risk of anything getting destroyed in the process. Using soft wash techniques, solar panel cleaning by a professional will gentle remove anything from your solar panels and help prevent future buildup so your panels retain high levels of output all year. 

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